Neutrophil Lifescience offers one of the most exciting work environments in the pharma industry. Our people are the most valued asset for Neutrophil Lifescience and we are proud of their passion and commitment. We have value-based culture that allows our employees to take responsibility and we recognize high performers. The management guides and motivates them to unleash their true potential and provides ample opportunities to fulfil their aspirations.

Life at Neutrophil Lifescience

Neutrophil Lifescience is an organization that is keen on the overall development of its people. We believe that growth and success of the organization is directly linked to the happiness and enthusiasm of the team. We encourage our employees to engage in leisure activities and maintain a proper work-life balance. During the annual events we conduct engaging recreational activities for them.

 Neutrophil Lifescience Advantages

Rapid Career Growth

At Neutrophil Lifescience one can grow both as a professional and as an individual. Our management provides the right mentorship and transform them into future leaders. Also, the high performers and place them on a fast-track career path.

Learning Opportunities

We provide on the job training to sharpen the skills and knowledge of our employees. Personality development, presentation skills, and product training are just a few of them. Our employees are groomed into future leaders.


At Neutrophil Lifescience, our values guide our actions. Each of our employees and stakeholders adhere to and uphold our values and do their part in achieving our vision.

Benefits and Care

Our perks and benefits are on par with industry standards. Moreover, our HR policies and practices are employee-centric and provide equal opportunity for all.  We are an organization that goes the extra mile in supporting our employees in times of need.