Neutrophil Initiatives

Neutrophil Lifescience promotes inclusive growth and better service for all our stakeholders. We believe that better patient outcomes can be achieved by strengthening the bond between doctors, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, and other stakeholders. With relentless dedication and collaborative spirit, we have designed The Doctor’s Forum, Patient Support Program, and the Distributors Forum to support, address the concerns and answer the queries.

We enable doctors and healthcare professionals to upskill and gain knowledge in new therapeutic pathways.  These activities have helped us build trust and confidence among the medical fraternity.

Constant interaction with patients and feedback from the medical community will impart valuable insights on patient outcomes, dosage requirements and more.

We support the poor and marginalized through our CSR activities and have established a campus for poor patients. We also conduct free medical camps to monitor BP, sugar, Respiratory checkup, blood checkup, etc. and distribute medicines for the needy. By providing accurate information and addressing the concerns of our distribution partners will help us better serve both patients and medical professionals.